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Water and Sediment Quality Assessments

Environmental monitoring programmes are indispensable for the understanding and management of aquatic ecosystems. Water and sediment quality surveys are an essential component of Environmental Baseline Studies. This is because sediments have the capacity to retain and release heavy metals, constituting an essential environmental reservoir of different compounds for the water column. Moreover, dissolved metals entering water bodies are adsorbed onto colloidal particles. Humans, fauna and flora are all known to suffer adverse effects from metal(loid) contamination no matter the origin. The human and ecological use of in-stream water can be said to be a function of ambient water quality. However, human modification of land, particularly by mining has a far-reaching stress on watershed hydro-geochemistry and consequently water use (Chang, 2007; Chang, 2008).

ECS has the expertise and equipment to undertake water and sediment quality assessments for all projects.

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