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Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs)

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) describes involuntary resettlement as the physical (relocation or loss of shelter) and/or economic displacement (loss of assets or access to assets that leads to loss of income sources or means of livelihood) as a result of project-related land acquisition. Resettlement is considered involuntary when affected individuals or communities do not have the right to refuse land acquisition that results in displacement.

This occurs in cases of:
Lawful expropriation or restrictions on land use based on eminent domain; and
Negotiated settlements in which the buyer can resort to expropriation or impose legal restrictions on land use if negotiations with the seller fail.
Resettlement Action Plans are required for large scale projects such as mining or power projects demanding a landtake size capable of impacting indigenous peoples necessitating the need to compulsorily relocate.

ECS social management strategies have been tested and form the frame work for undertaking complex social engagement fora underpinned by varying cultural and traditional values. Our multidisciplinary team understand the importance and imbibe the concept of “traditional knowledge and cultural respect” as part of the process for a social license to be acquired for large scale projects. ECS has successfully undertaken RAPs for clients in the extractive sector.

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