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Health Impact Assessments (HIAs)

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a means of evidence based policy making for improvement in health. It requires a combination of methods whose overall aim is to assess the health consequences to influence decision-making so that negative health effects can be minimized and positive health effects enhanced in the population. The procedures of HIA are similar to those used in other forms of impact assessment. HIA usually follows the under listed sequence:

Screening - determining if an HIA is warranted/required.
Scoping - determining which impacts will be considered and the plan for the HIA
Identification and assessment of impacts - determining the magnitude, nature, extent and likelihood of potential health impacts, using a variety of different methods and types of information.
Decision-making and recommendations - making explicit the trade-offs to be made in decision-making and formulating evidence-informed recommendations.
SEvaluation, monitoring and follow-up - process and impact evaluation of the HIA and the monitoring and management of health impacts.

The main objective of HIA is to apply existing knowledge and evidence about health impacts, to specific social and community contexts, to develop evidence-based recommendations that inform decision-making in order to protect and improve community health and wellbeing
ECS has the requisite health experts to perform these studies as evidenced by our experience in conducting HIAs in mining communities.

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